About Us

Welcome to HER Plus Size by Ench Women's Plus Size Fashion! 


In this day and age we are blessed to be able to choose the type of clothing we personally like whether it be streetwear or high fashion, however according to the "Size" fashion police, once you hit a certain "size" you and your clothes are labeled "Plus!"  In this case "Plus" is a definite Plus! Many clothes drape a lot more naturally on a curvy body.

"Plus" Women want to wear for the size we are now, using the exact same variety of beautiful fabrics, colors, styles afforded to the mainstream smaller size women. We understand also that our bodies come in different shapes, and can look better in one style of clothing and not so good in another style.

HER Plus Size by Ench sources Plus Size Women's fashion clothing such as Tops, Blouses, Dresses, Pants, Jumpsuits to more formal Suits, and Evening gowns to help you create your own wardrobe and style in the measurements that suit your own body type. 

From a young age right through to our later years, we fit many varying sizes as we go through life.  We need to be a "certain size" to look good in clothes, no matter our size, it's our heart, confidence and inner beauty that glows outwardly making our outer beauty so attractive.

We hope you enjoy and are proud of the size you are at this present time, no matter your age!